Prepare for the Nor’Easter NOW

For those looking for a safe place to go during the storm, you can visit the Red Cross shelter site here.

If you are staying in your home without power the Red Cross recommends

  • Gathering everyone, including pets, in one room – a small, well-insulated room with few windows. A room facing south is warmer. Block this room off and put cardboard and blankets over the windows at night to minimize heat loss. If you have hardwood floors, add a carpet or blanket.
  • Dress in thin layers instead of bulky garments. Wear a hat, gloves, scarf and heavy socks. Wrap oneself in blankets if needed. Use hand and feet warmers if available.
  • At bedtime, get under layers of blankets and wear layer layers of clothing and a hat.
For additional information please visit the Red Cross preparation site here.

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