Peoples Reserve Credit Union Announces Board and Advisory Participation and Fundraising

San Francisco, September 27, 2012 – Peoples Reserve Credit Union, (PRCU) is a cooperative, social enterprise that will deliver much needed financial services to underserved communities in San Francisco. Their goal is to develop a sustainable and replicable working model and a series of best practices that allow residents and local governments to “move their money” into a member owned financial institution that directly serves local interests.

As PRCU approaches the 1-year anniversary of its inception it is excited to announce participation in its Board and Advisory Committee. Brian McKeown, a graduate in Entrepreneurship from San Francisco State University and a familiar voice in the leadership that emerged from the SF Occupy Movement, is responsible for spearheading the initiative to date and has succeeded in building a community of support and expertise around PRCU that gives it the credibility and backing it needs to accomplish it’s current and ongoing fundraising goals.

PRCU welcomes as board members Brian McKeown, Bianca Velishek, Vice President of the California League of Women Voters, Abdus Salam, Rajshahi Zone Chief Executive for Grameen Bank and Sara Batterby, Chief Development Officer for Ethix Merchant Services. They would also like to voice appreciation for volunteer Advisors: Geoff McDonald of the Community Housing Partnership, Dan Leibsohn, Chief Executive of Community Development Finance – the first non-profit check cashing operation in the US, Brent Turner, entrepreneur and advisor to several community action groups including The San Francisco Peoples Credit Union and Josh Irwin, Attorney in Law. To date and with the support of these individuals PRCU has met credit union requirements for the Department of Financial Institutions and now ready to tap into the broad enthusiasm surrounding the venture as part of a fundraising effort to raise the capital needed for the launch of San Francisco based operations and the opening of the first branch.

“We are excited to have come this far”, says Brian “I have had thousands of conversations with people wanting to help and the support has been overwhelming. Now we need to convert that into our fundraising efforts and get to work using local money to build opportunity and community where it is most needed.”

Fundraising efforts will include the distribution of a video public service announcement telling the PRCU story, a social media campaign managed by PRCU, a crowd-funding campaign created by and a Non-Profit Partnership Campaign utilizing the Ethix Program. All ideas and initiatives in support of this effort are much appreciated and should be directed to Brian McKeown.

Media and PRCU Contact: Brian McKeown 415-226-9407

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