The Occupy LA Canvassing Committee has been conducting a survey of the needs of the people, and found many points of unity, including: the desire for a new kind of socio-economic system that protects all people’s rights, particularily the oppressed, protects our natural world and animals’ rights, contributes to global peace efforts, stops politcial and economic repression, etc.

90% of the people could be said to agree with 90% of what various Occupiers support. Many people out there want more information about what we stand for, and would also love to be part of Occupy LA.

Canvassing committee members as well as Occupy 2012 Elections Affinity group are planning what we are calling a People’s Counter-Culture Convention, a fun event which aims to educate the general public about our goals. We will upstage the corrupt Demo-Repugnants Conventions by inviting not only all Occupiers, but also all of the many people who work for the people, including non-corporate Third-Pary voices. Here the voice of the people will be heard and we will share visions for moving this land forward.

We plan to do this between Sept. 17th (in honor of OWS’ anniversary and Oct. 1, Solidarity Park’s Occupy LA anniversary, at Solidarity Park/Pershing Square in Los Angeles. We will be working with the National Planning Committee for the OWS anniversary (which some people may not be able to attend).

We are looking for non-profit communtiy organization, non-corporate Third Parties and organizers of the people to co-sponosor, speak or perform, create/participate in teach-ins and creation of a national statement of principles of unity or otherwise get on board. We are looking for representation from Occupy groups and to send contact info and each occupy’s current official statemnts/declarations about objectives/demands/points of unity.

Please contact us at occupy2012elections@gmail.com, occupy2012election@gmail.com, 99shakti99@gmail.com.

If interested join us on the National Conference calls for the People’s Congress this Sunday and the OWS Anniversary planning call this week, where we will decide how to move this forward.

Submitted by: OLA Canvassing Committee, Occupy 2012 Elections

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