We are getting some coverage for our non for profit organization down here in Miami. This working group was created for Occupy Miami and currently report to Occupy Tampa General Assembly since Occupy Miami GA meetings are not regularly held. Please contact us if any questions, but we need this to be added to the Occupy fundraising list.

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Peace City:

Is a residential community for full time volunteers. The physical distribution of the community is divided in 3 section as in accordance to every floor of the property donated for its existence and will operate 24/7.

First floor will be open to the community and offer different services to the local community, the city of Miami, the State of Florida, the United States of America and the world, including but not limited to:

Medical, kitchen, library, media room, gym, barber shop, religion, class room, art room, public shower (men’s room & lady’s room), child care… Permaculture, vertical garden, solar panels, power bikes.

Second Floor will be the home of the full time volunteers, the people responsible to keep the first floor from offering the volunteer services, expanding those services, advertising those services and sustaining those services in continues operation. And for volunteering in other institutions.

Third Floor will be the temporary home for part-time volunteers who will be coming from different parts of the world to support first floor activities, as well as providing and creating special events. Also will have cultural exchange and self educational purposes in order to expand Peace City project idea to other latitudes.

Peace City is a small community created with the purpose of charity, scientific and educational purposes with the intention to observe and research the human behavior under true cooperation.

Receipts and ongoing expenses.

For physical or mail donations:
540 NW 7th St Number 07
Miami FL, 33136
(For checks make payable to Peace City, Inc.)

Peace City is in need of roof reparations & units reparations. The building donated faces threat of demolition from the city of Miami. However, efforts are currently focus in contacting companies directly to fix it. Peace City is in need of funds to pay legal fees, make copies, file the final application to the IRS wich is cost $850 and needs to be made before the end of 2013. Eventually funds will be need it to cancel any eventual sanction that the city could impose to us in order to extend date of demolition or, to show immediate improve in the building in case the city order so.

Peace City is currently housing about 25 families most of them in homeless conditions and a few volunteers who are not homeless but who reside there for logistic reasons.With more than 50% of the apartments emptied due to unsafe conditions (Just for prevention) How much money would we need? It is hard to say, but since the focus right now is to save the building from the city to take it, we are asking for your help to cover all of the legal fees (currently spent $154.24)


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