Palestinian Youth Movement Arab Youth Conference for Liberation and Dignity December 27 – December 30, 2012


Palestinian Youth Movement

Arab Youth Conference for Liberation and Dignity

December 27 – December 30, 2012


The Palestinian Youth Movement is happy to announce the first Arab Youth Conference for Liberation and Dignity, this December 27 – December 30, 2012. The conference will take place in Tunis and it aims to gather participants around the struggle for Arab liberation and the liberation of Palestine. The conference will include up to 100 young strugglers and activists from around the Arab world that aim to build a common vision that can be translated to action.

The development of a common vision among Arab youths regarding the dramatic changes that our region is going through requires us to prepare a work plan and a time frame, in order to involve the participants in the preparation process, within their local environments. We therefore seek to address as many Arab youths as possible in 12 countries that have experienced important changes, have a strategic or symbolic importance, in the Arab and international sphere. These countries are: Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain and Iraq. In addition, we also seek to strengthen the trust and broadening the working relationships between those who are active in their local communities. Finally, we also hope to solidify the pioneering role of Tunisia as a political and practical base for political activists in the Arab world.

The conference will be composed of two phases and will include a number of political and academic lecturers and speakers such as: Seif Da’na, Tamim al-Barghouthi, Abdelhalim Fadlallah, Munir Shafiq, Dergham Halaseh, and Haytham Manna’. The lectures will be supplemented with roundtable discussions that will consider issues such as: colonialism and liberation, neoliberalism and neocolonialism, and other social and political issues.


Phase 1: 100 Arab and Palestinian activists participate in roundtable discussions, lectures, and workshops around political issues.

Phase 2: A public event on the last day of the conference, which will include 500-1000 persons, during which the most important conclusions will be shared with the public. Following this there will be a political and cultural event with the participation of Tunisians from Tunis and its surroundings who are active socially, religious figures, union members, academics, journalists and families of Tunisian martyrs in Palestinian resistance.


The overarching aim of the conference is to come out with an action plan that will be announced on the third day of the conference, and it will be based on the declared goals of the conference. In addition it will include clear steps to enable the participants to continue building a working relationship and building a collective experience. A follow up committee will be formed at the end of the conference, composed of PYM members and Arab youths from each country, to ensure the action plan is carried out.

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