OSNJ Invites You to Occupy #Sandygate at Gov. Christie’s Inauguration Beginning January 18th – 22nd, 12pm EST

In light of the recent disturbing disclosures concerning Governor Chris Christie’s flagrant misuse of federal Sandy aid money, the collective of storm survivors and their allies who organize under the Occupy Sandy New Jersey banner are calling on residents of New Jersey to join us in Trenton to Occupy outside the Capitol starting this Saturday, January 18th, at noon. We intend to maintain our camp through Chris Christie’s re-inauguration festivities on Tuesday, January 21st.

WWII Veterans Memorial
140 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608

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In particular we invite Sandy survivors to make the trip to Trenton (we’ll help you get here if you reach out: call 609-318-4271 or email OccupySandyNJ@interoccupy.net) to tell your stories to the state and national media already camped out nearby. We know that the people of New Jersey have stories to tell, to Chris Christie and to anyone willing to listen, and we plan to provide a safe space from which to do so.

Since our Sandy recovery work continues on a daily basis—indeed, some of our volunteers and organizers may not even be able to make it to Trenton due to responsibilities in the field—this will only be a four day Occupation. However, should the administration fail to quickly fix its broken response to the storm and shift its attention to the state’s residents who are most in need, we will not rule out returning to Trenton again soon. Governor Christie must understand that the last people he should be bullying right now are Sandy survivors.

#OccupyChristie starts at high noon this Saturday at the State Capitol. Bring tents and sleeping bags.

To Governor Chris Christie, here is our one demand: do your damn job.

Partial Schedule of events:

Day 1 – Saturday

12pm – Occupy.
6pm – Community Dinner & Assembly
8pm – Memorial Candlelight Vigil for Sandy’s victims

Day 2 – Sunday

9am – Breakfast
1 pm – Community Lunch & Assembly
7pm – Sunday Dinner

Day 3 – Monday

9am – Breakfast
11am – Press conference
1 pm – Community Lunch & Assembly
7pm – Dinner

Day 4 – Tuesday

8am – Breakfast
11am – Sandy Survivor Speakout
1pm – Lunch
7pm – Dinner

Day 5 – Wednesday

9am – Breakfast and Break Down Encampment

For more information, please contact Occupy Sandy NJ at 609-318-4271 or OccupySandyNJ@interoccupy.net.

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