This is a proposal for a global ‘week’ of action from October 13th – 20th dubbed #globalNOISE and a request for endorsement. This proposal has been written by an open and transparent coalition of international activists from Occupy, 15M and Indignados groups and individuals.

The #globalNOISE main-event will be a global “cacerolada” protest (bang on pots with sticks, or any other noisy action your assembly wishes to do) on the 13th of October (along probably with a rally wherever allowed).

On the other days of the week there will be several different actions in different countries (please email to find out plans in other countries and share ideas). We do not propose a common “slogan” or a theme for the protest, every local group can protest against their most important issue – still we will be united worldwide through the global noise (the sound of post and pans).

We recommend that every interested group gets in touch and collaborates on this action with their respective local movements who are commited to social change and the creation of a better world. It will be the right moment to take part in this, exposing the solutions for a better world and moving a step further from protest to creation.

We are contacting every Occupation, general assembly and local movement asking for support in the form of endorsing this global action and for participation on the day of the action #13O.

Please consider taking this proposal to your next general assembly meeting for endorsement by the group. If your Assembly does not meet on a regular basis or is on hiatus, we would encourage an assembly be called to consider the proposal.

Our meetings are open to anyone who wants to help plan this action, minutes and updates are also readily available. You can get all of that information here: or ask via e-mail to

Thank you so much for your consideration and please let us know how we can help obtain your endorsement.


Who is Already In?

Submitted by: #globalNOISE

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