On the road to a 2016 World Social Forum in Montréal


On the road to a 2016 World Social Forum in Montréal

“We support that the World Social Forum be held in Montréal in August 2016, and we mandate the members of the WSF Collective to make this known at the next International Council meeting in Tunis at the end of the month”.

This was the unanimous resolution adopted at the 2016 WSF assembly held on October 4th at the Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). The assembly, which gathered around 80 participants, including citizens as well as representatives from diverse civil society organizations, aimed to report on the status of the unfolding organizational process of this global gathering planned for the summer of 2016. It allowed participants to present their visions in regards to processes including possible forms of involvement. The rich and constructive debate was also available for live streaming over the internet, which allowed many contributors to participate from a distance.

The assembly’s objective was to gather from here and elsewhere different actors from the larger civil society in regards to the coming of the WSF to Montréal in 2016. More than 100 organizations already support the initiative and an ongoing campaign continues in mobilizing the organization of the first World Social Forum in the North.*

Three members from the 2016 WSF collective will participate in the next WSF International Council meeting to be held in Tunis from October 31st to November 2nd in order to reassert civil society’s enthusiasm in promoting our combined energy and solutions in creating another world.
Considering citizens as actors of change, civil society as a source of innovation, and social movements as a source of proposals, the members of the 2016 WSF Collective would like to gather 80 000 participants for more than 5000 activities (workshops, conferences, artistic performances …), in the heart of Montréal in August 2016.

Another world is necessary…together, we can make it happen!

2016 Montréal WSF Collective
fsm2016.quebec@gmail.com www.fsm2016.org

*If your organization would like to support the 2016 Montreal WSF effort, please send a letter of support to info@fsm2016.org by October 29 so the committee can add them to the presentation in Tunis this weekend.

Model letter of support

(Date and location)

Subject: Support for the 2016 World Social Forum in Montreal

To whom it may concern,

With this letter, we, (name of organization), support the process of bringing the World Social Forum to Montréal in August, 2016.

This major event will be an occasion to converge, globally and within Québec’s civil society, against the harmful effects, in the North as in the South, caused by neoliberalism and neo-conservatism. The 2016 WSF in Montréal will allow, among other things, Québec’s population to reassert its resilience and creativity along with our collective hope for necessary and possible change.

(Add the mission of your organization)

This is why we wish to manifest our support for this initiative, hoping that we will have the opportunity to participate in the process of a World Social Forum and in doing so contribute to the collective effort in constructing in solidarity a fairer, more sustainable world.

In solidarity,

(Signature and name of the mandated person)
(Complete contact of the organization)

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