Occupy Wall Street is 2 Years Old – List of Events on #S17

Below is a list of events happening on the second anniversary of OWS. Need help planning your S17 event? Contact us at info@interoccupy.net.

Did we miss something? Email shenny@interoccupy.net

Stay tuned for more updates by following http://occupywallst.org/ http://s17ows.org/

Ballet on the Barricades

Free ballet barre at the bull. No experience necessary. Get the word out about #S17
Fridays at 5pm
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S17 2nd Anniversary of OWS – All Day Actions Debrief

Stay tuned for more details
7a – 10pm
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S-17 Action in Support of Fast Food Workers@McDonald’s (location TBA)-Labor Outreach Committee of OWS

Details and location TBA
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TPP puppet theater spectacle Money Warz in Times Square

We seek 200 volunteer masked performers in Times Square at NOON on S-17 for the spectacle, and following actions at Schumer/Gillibrand’s offices, Pfizer, and will team up with Robin Hood tax folks at Bryant Park.
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S17 Peoples Exchange

Bring food, clothing, books, and ideas to share.
All day
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S17: Global Solidarity for Global Justice! Stop TPP & TPIP – Backroom Power Grabs for the 1%! Get Corporate Money Out of Politics!

S17 Call US Version Final for more information.

#S17 Worldwide call to action. A day of remembrance. The birthday of the revolution.

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Occupy S17: Tax Wall Street, Pass the Robin Hood Tax

On September 17th we demand that Wall Street pay for its crimes! The Robin Hood Tax is a financial transaction tax that takes .05% of all financial transactions and puts that money towards essential social services like health care, student debt, global health, AIDS prevention and more.
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MoneyOut/VotersIn: Separation of Corporation & State

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption has begun its statewide sweep of campaign finance abuses by announcing its first three public hearings. The statewide hearings will focus on three major issues: the adequacy of state laws, regulations and procedures involving illegal and unethical misconduct by public officials; the electoral process as a whole; and the current campaign finance laws in New York state.

The first hearing will be held on September 17 at Pace University in Manhattan’s Financial District, *which is also the 2 year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.* Join Us!

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