Occupy The Plate

Please join Occupy The Plate and Occupying Dissent as we work to raise hunger awareness across the world.

We have the opportunity, especially during the upcoming season, to really do what matters. Our goal is to turn consumers away from being participants in the material and capitalistic destruction of our planet and help them participate in alleviating hunger instead.

We want to make this time of year about providing for those that are suffering and without basics like food. We call on all of Occupy to help eliminate hunger. Let’s Occupy The Plate for those who have little to nothing to put on it. Help us take the focus off senseless material accumulation, wasteful and superficial celebration, and turn the public’s focus onto making a valuable and good- feeling contribution towards those experiencing hunger instead.

We have the opportunity to make this time of year about helping those in need. Share Occupy the Plate and let’s make a difference for those in need. Visit Occupying Dissent https://www.facebook.com/OccupyingDissent to share Occupy The Plate memes.

We will be periodically producing and pinning a number of posts you can share on your website and on social networking sites. -In solidarity and in working toward a better world, -Occupying Dissent and Occupy The Plate.

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