Our goal is to create a massive resurgence of Occupy with a focus on the economic system.

We believe that the core problem today is private control of resource use by the 1% at the expense of the 99%. In every major area of human activity, from taking raw materials out of the ground, to the manipulation of high finance, the 1% have organized that activity for certain pre-determined ends: profit, growth, power, and expansion.

This enormous human activity hierarchically organized for these narrow ends is what is driving the major issues we face today. Massive inequality is generated by it. Climate Change is generated by it. The recession is generated by it. The 1% and 99% dichotomy itself is generated by it.

We have planned a number of actions at the headquarters of the largest corporations in each major sector of the economy. What Occupy the Economy wants to do is unify all of the multifaceted activity fighting these issues and point it like a dagger at the heart of this system to change it. If control passes from the 1% to the 99% and our economic system becomes democratically organized, we can solve these problems and significantly enlarge the scope of human freedom.

On the website we have provided a number of examples to spark the revolutionary imagination about what a democratically controlled economy would look like. For example,

Occupied World Cooperative

Imagine the entire economic system was democratically organized as one giant cooperative. Our resource use would no longer be constrained to the narrow ends of competition for corporate profit and domination. The major centers of human activity, as we have seen, are currently organized for these ends, at the expense of the 99% and the planet. A new mode of economic organization is needed. With enough people, we can occupy our workplaces and start moving toward this goal. We could create local, regional, and international hubs to coordinate efforts among occupied workplaces, and start solving major issues through non-violent direct action, as we begin occupying the world economy.

The goal is to discuss ideas like these in an occupied space. As the first actions develop and the corporate media is forced to engage, more people who dream of a better world will join us and share their ideas. The more voices the better.

We need your help. Everyone is an organizer. Visit our hub and start organizing locally.

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Bring tents. Bring food. Bring ideas. Together we will change the world.


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