Administrators of the public education advocacy group UNITED OPT OUT NATIONAL are hosting the second annual event on the grounds of the US Department of Education in Washington, DC on April 4-7, 2013. We ask all of those in support of teachers, students and public schools to attend. The third day will include an organized march to the White House.

The event is a four-day gathering of progressive education activists endeavoring to resist
the destructive influences of corporate and for-profit education reforms, which began in
previous administrations and persist with the current one. We cannot and will not stand
silent as the threats to dismantle our system of public education continue. These threats
include the erosion of the teaching profession, excessive use of standardized testing,
mandated scripted curriculum, the absolute disregard of child poverty, and reforms which
disproportionately impact minority communities.

We ask that you join us, stand tall, and meet your responsibility as citizens to be heard
above the din corporate influence. You will have the opportunity to hear speakers and
converse with public school advocates from across the country, including Diane Ravitch,
Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, Stephen
Krashen, Brian Jones, Deborah Meier, and many other students, teachers, and
community members (visit the link below for full schedule details1).

Do not miss this free and unique opportunity to connect with like-minded public school
advocates. Come gather information and strategies that can be used to fight corporate
education reform in your own community.

Join us and make your voice heard.

More Info at UnitedOptOut

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