A central tenet of the Occupy Wall Street movement is that the big multinational corporations are grabbing profits and power at the expense of the people. The corporations have all the money, the power, a government which they have bought and paid for and we the people are powerless. Like hell we are! We are the consumers, the ones the corporations are absolutely dependent upon for their profit, growth and even their survival!

A few months ago, Occupy Texas conceived of a campaign named Occupy the Boycott: Shop Mom and Pop. Occupy Texas has been working with and refining the idea. We want to kick off the boycott on Labor Day. Before then, we will blitz the media, the internet and the progressive press, where we will find most of our active participants.

I have set up a Facebook event page at http://www.facebook.com/events/327543354006681/

I’m asking that you join this page, read our justifications for each corporation boycotted, read about the consensus process we will use to make decisions about who is added to or deleted from the list and invite all your friends to join the boycott and ask them to invite all their friends to join it, because, as I said, these are huge, multinational corporations, and it is going to take big numbers to hurt them.

We ask that each occupy consider joining and endorsing this boycott, refrain from patronizing the big multinationals and find, post and patronize local mom and pop businesses. Doing so will, besides hurting the big multinational corporations, help your local small business people, who are fellow members of the 99% and keep your money in the local economy.

The corporations have the money and the power, we have the numbers. If we stand united in our numbers, shopping alternative mom and pops, they have no money and we gain the power. Please spread the word and please disregard the date below. This boycott will begin on Labor Day and run as long as necessary.

Submitted by: Occupy Texas

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