Occupy the Boycott is currently involved in a campaign of support for Our Walmart, an organization of Walmart associates currently on strike and planning a huge walkout/strike on Black Friday #N23.

Mariza Ramirez of Dallas has asked that people in towns and cities where associates are on strike contact the associates and ask how they can help. For people in cities where there is no strike, she asked that people go into where the associates take their breaks, such as the McDonald’s inside the store and talk to them, making sure that they know about the strike, and about the memo from Huffington Post at http://big.assets.huffingtonpost.com/Walmart-2.pdf.

This memo states that it is illegal to fire or retaliate against strikers and that the corporation has no intention of breaking those laws.

In order to affect the behavior of the corporation, the strike has to spread to cities across the nation. We have participants across the nation, and even internationally, but we need more!

Please join us and invite all of your friends to participate on this event page.

Also, we need people who are willing to act, not just sit and monitor the page. If you are willing to get out and get with the associates and help grow this first ever Walmart strike, please post your plans and what happens on the event page.

If you are in Texas and have an organization of five or more people who are willing to adopt a store, let us know and Our Walmart Dallas will send a team to train you. They are also accepting and in need of financial donations.


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