The Occupy Texas conference call this week is scheduled for 6 PM, Tuesday, August 21.

We are still working on Occupy the Boycott: Shop Mom and Pop, which we are asking occupies to endorse and join. The boycott officially starts on Labor Day, September 3, but we have decided to concentrate on the Hyatt hotel chain, asking people and occupations to ask conventions and other meetings scheduled in their local Hyatts and ask them to move to alternate locations. We will focus on the Hyatt at least through August.

Also, for several years, San Antonio has been putting on antiwar actions, called “Funk the War” One is scheduled for September 1 (It is going to be a busy Labor Day weekend.) and is scheduled for 6 PM, Tuesday, August 14. Occupy Bexar is asking Texas occupations to plan and have solidarity actions.

We are supporting a petition promoting a 28th amendment to the Constitution, calling for a repeal of Citizens United, which can be found here.

So, please plan to join our conference call,. Add your items and concerns to the agenda at. The numbers necessary to make the call are also on that doc.

Submitted by: Occupy Texas

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