JULY 27, 2012

from Occupy Santa Rosa General Assembly
to the people of Anaheim, California

Occupy Santa Rosa stands in solidarity with you!

We are outraged and condemn the Anaheim Police Department’s cold-blooded murders and vicious armed assaults against the people. We support the people of Anaheim with our whole hearts as you bravely rise up to stop these injustices. We rise with you!

Here in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County, California, as in Anaheim, there is a horrible history of police violence and murder, especially against poor people, people of color, and people with mental disabilities. We stand with you against the powers that suppress us so that the rich can maintain their power to control. Like you, we are not here on this Earth to be their slaves or the victims of their abuse! Ya Basta!

With love and solidarity,
Occupy Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa, California

Approved by OSR General Assembly on Thursday, July 26, 2012

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7 Responses to Occupy Santa Rosa: Statement of Solidarity to the People of Anaheim, CA

  1. steve c says:

    Anyone have a contact in SoCal who could work with Duane on a response to the Anaheim City BS?

    “I think it’s very important to issue some kind of rebuttal to the utter bullshit that he and other Anaheim City Officials are peddling, especially the subtle attempt to demonize “Occupy Wall Street,” a movement which I strongly sympathize with. If anybody here is interested in joining along with me to organize a press conference here in Anaheim, possibly sometime next week, to counteract the garbage he and others are disseminating, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at”

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