Hosted by: The ALEC Welcoming Committee
Washington Square (500 South State Street) South-West Corner

The American Legislative Exchange Council arrives in Salt Lake City for their annual meeting July 23-28. Join us at Washington Square every day for protests, rallies, teach-ins, street theatre, bike swarms, marches, and more! The full schedule of events can be found at

Please join us at Washington Square. We will be there–all day, every day.


We the people of Salt Lake City invite all those opposed to the tyranny of the 1% to join us from July 23-28th 2012 in providing a warm welcome for the 39th Annual Meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council. This annual meeting by ALEC is paid for and attended by corporate sponsors who sit behind closed doors with our elected state legislators. At these meetings laws are created without the voice of the people that will later benefit those same corporate sponsors at the expense of our communities.

ALEC functions as the most influential mechanism by which corporations maintain their dominance over people and policy by occupying our political institutions. ALEC is responsible for thirty nine years worth of oppressive legislation. Model legislation proposed by ALEC and enacted by our elected representatives have destroyed workers rights and strangled free speech. These model laws have driven the privatization of agriculture, education, health care, and the prison industry all at the expense of the ecosystems that sustain us.

We will not allow this systemic corruption to continue. We the people have developed direct democratic communities and processes to challenge the status quo. We call for a local and national convergence of these communities from July 23-28 in Salt Lake City. We remain committed to nonviolence as we provide an open and inclusive space for resistance, rebellion and a diversity of tactics. We the People demand our frustrations be known as we develop solutions together where the voice of the people is heard over the the voice of the corporations. It is by solidarity through struggle that we will find our greatest strength.

With Love,
The ALEC Welcoming Committee

P.S. Bring a tent. Pitchforks Optional.

Submitted by: Occupy Salt Lake City

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