Saturday, October 6 marks the one year anniversary of Occupy NOLA. Occupy NOLA and Occupy The Stage will be celebrating the one year anniversary all day with actions and festivities. Details are here:

March and Rally
Meet 10:30 201 Saint Charles Avenue to march!
Bring your grievances and voice them!

Our Demands:

Stop using COREXIT
Collective bargaining for student and workers
Repeal “Right to Work” Law
Return statue of Avery Alexander
Change name of Duncan Plaza to Avery Alexander Plaza
Moratorium on foreclosures and evictions
Public housing for all who need it
Stop police harassment of homeless people
Stop police brutality and racial profiling
Stop the attack on public education
Withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan now!
Stop privatization of civil services
Overturn the Bill H.R.347
Create a Massive Green Energy Infrastructure Project
End drone killing and drone surveillance
Stop the Keystone XL pipeline
Stop LA Governor Jindal and company from gutting medicaid and public hospital funding
Stop the demolition of The Iberville Housing Development
Create jobs for All
Mass, direct-government employment program, now!
Put all New Orleans teachers fired after Katrina back to work now!
End government support of for-profit education.
Institute a Federal Public Works Program paid for by big oil companies including Shell and BP to clean up the Gulf of Mexico and
restore the infrastructure of the Gulf.

Gather 1pm near Pavilion at Duncan Plaza for Rally and Chalkupy with ice cream and cake.
RSVP on Facebook

Join Occupy The Stage at 2735c Toulouse for a live performance and BBQ at 8pm!
Occupy The Stage will be hosting a night of BBQ and Live performances to celebrate Occupy NOLA’s Birthday!
Occupy the dance floor in solidarity with Occupy Austin, Occupy Houston, Occupy San Jose, Occupy Salt Lake City, and Occupy Cleveland!
BBQ at 8pm followed by Live Music featuring The Relief Effort and Duet: Leah Rose and Jason Knox
RSVP on Facebook:

Come out and celebrate a helluva year!

Flyers are attached or available on the Occupy The Stage Website.

In Solidarity,
Occupy NOLA General Assembly

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