OWS offshoot Strike Debt has announced the third debt buy in the Rolling Jubilee, this one totaling $13.5 million in medical debt abolished for Americans across the country. This brings the Rolling Jubilee total to $14.7 million dollars!

Adam Gabbatt at the Guardian reports on the mechanics of how they’re buying off debt, and Jerry Ashton at the Huffington Post featured the human side of the equation, with a profile of one of the people who has been helped by their initiative.

Come join the Rolling Jubilee Celebratory Debt Assembly 6-10pm this evening at the Church of St. Luke and St. Matthew at 520 Clinton Ave in Brooklyn, as Strike Debt celebrates these successes and plans for the future.

— from your Occupy Network team

JPMorgan Humiliated by #AskJPM

Chaos and hilarity ensued when JPMorgan decided to open up dialogue with the general public on Twitter with an #AskJPM Q&A. Questions such as “Is the fact that you’ve paid over half a billion in fines since August a source or pride, or are you embarrassed it’s not higher?” and “Do you have an org chart that’s perfectly analogous to the criminal underworld – capo, made man – or do you just wing it?” came flying.

In the end, JPMorgan had to admit defeat when it came to this particular PR tactic: “Tomorrow’s Q&A is cancelled,” they tweeted sadly, “Bad Idea. Back to the drawing board.” Coverage of this story at dailydot, aljazeera, businessweek, and salon. For your pleasure and edification, watch Stacy Keach’s live reading of said tweets on thereformedbroker.com, read some of @ddayen’s #AnswerForJPM retorts, and, to remind you what the problem actually is with JP Morgan, becausefinanceisboring has a sampling of jpm offenses that occurred in the last 5 months alone.

‘Roadmap’ for Financial Reform

A new report, Unfinished Mission: Making Wall Street Work for Us, was recently released.  Ned Resnikoff at msnbc.com analyzes the paper as well as the launch event featuring Senator Elizabeth Warren, and how both were meant to shed light on the ways in which the Dodd-Frank financial reform law did not adequately address the “financial fragility” of the financial system as it stands.

David Dayen at Salon.com asserts that “the report is a revelation, because it finally invites fundamental discussions about these issues. Its 11 chapters from some of the leading thinkers on financial reform do look back at the successes and failures of the signal financial reform law of this generation, the Dodd-Frank Act. But the report also weaves in a story about how we can reorient finance as a complement to the real economy, rather than its overriding force.”

Occupy These Actions and Events

Sunday November 17th-Monday November 18th

N17 mobilization for N18 Day of Action

Zuccotti Park

N17 Mobilization for N18 Day of Action! (Take back our streets and economic future for the 99%.) Join the 99% to Shut Down Wall Street on N18 event and mobilization of the people. Resist austerity. Reclaim the economy. Recreate our democracy.

Monday, November 18th, 7:30-11:00pm

People’s Puppets Fundraiser

Great Small Works, 20 Jay Street

Hey all! The People’s Puppets of Occupy Wall Street are having our very first open house and FUNdraiser on Monday, November 18th! Come see our studio, laugh and learn at what we do, be entertained and get boozy with some snacks to help us bring you another year of action support through puppets, music and art. We have work to present about smashing the state, rebuilding community, what the hell went wrong?, how can it go right??

Thursday, November 21, 7-10pm

Occupy the Pipeline Film Screening

The Brecht Forum

Occupy the Pipeline’s PSA confronts the large issue of America’s energy future and address with characteristic urgency the choice that we now face: a future beset and imperiled by fossil fuels or a future powered by clean, renewable, sustainable energy. Directed and produced by photographer, videographer, and activist Eric Walton and incorporating footage from many parts of the country, the video is both an educational tool and a call to action. After the screening, guest speakers will discuss the importance of conservation, efficiency, and renewables in America’s energy future, and the role of new media in twenty-first century activism.

Monday, November 25th, 6-8pm

Fighting Back Against Wall Street forum from the Left Labor Project

Professional Staff Congress/Cuny

A broad coalition of organizations is preparing for a week of actions to push for a people’s agenda on the heels of the NYC elections. If there’s anything we’ve learned in recent history it’s that when friends are elected it’s time to re-double our efforts and get in the streets. Now’s the time to fight against Wall Street and fight for the programs we voted for. This is our moment.

Wednesday, November 27th, 2-5pm

Occupy the MTA

Occupy the Verrazano Bridge

Verrazano Bridge

For far too long the MTA and other city and state agencies have been selling out the the American worker, American taxpayer, and the people of the communities they’re suppose to represent. The MTA gave a $250 Million plus contract to a Chinese steel company, owned by the Chinese Government for the repair and upgrade of the Verrazano Bridge, in New York. Despite the the fact that there were two companies here in the tri-state area that could have produced the same steel plates, in the same process giving a boost to the local economy and providing jobs to to people who are in need. We’re calling on all workers, unions, groups and hardworking citizens of the community and surrounding area to help us shout our message to those selling our future by Occupying the Verrazano Bridge.

December 1-5th

New Day New York Week of Actions

The sun is setting on a city run by and for the 1%. A new day is dawning — and we are rising, together. In 2014, we’ll have a new mayor, a new City Council and new citywide officials. Our city and state governments can and should begin a new era – by stopping the special deals for Wall Street and the people who have rigged the system and building a city that works for all of us. To make progress, we’ll fight to to stop the unchecked power of the 1%, break the links between big-money interests and the politicians that serve them, demand development policies that build broad prosperity not wealth for a tiny few, and support organizing to boost paychecks for low-wage workers.

To close the week, join us on Thursday, December 5th, at Foley Square for a massive citywide mobilization unifying fast food workers, union members, activists and faith leaders. We will gather and march to demand a tax on millionaires, universal pre-K for all children, good wages for all workers, affordable housing, quality healthcare an end to inequality and the tale of two cities and the start of One New York that works for #AllOfUS.

Featured Occu-Projects

Photobook from Jenna Pope: ‘An Activist Armed with a Camera’

Activist and photographer Jenna Pope has covered protests and resistance movements from Wisconsin to NYC to Turkey in photographs of great beauty and eloquence.

With 23 days left, she is on her way to raising the money for a book, “An Activist Armed with a Camera.” Help her get all the way to her goal!

Defended In The Streets Kimani Gray film

Occupy media maker Atiq Zabinski and others have been tirelessly working on a documentary about teenage police-slaying victim Kimani Gray since March 2013, and have officially launched a trailer, Web site at http://kimanifilm.com/, and social media presences on twitter, instagram, and Facebook. Defended In The Streets is a narrative told by Kimani’s friends, family, and the people of East Flatbush. Taking an investigative approach into the death of Kimani Gray, it also tells the story of a community’s fight for justice and builds the connections between police brutality, Stop and Frisk, racial profiling, and mass incarceration.

Free Online Organizing Guide

At Greenmeme, a free online organizing guide that promises to help “environmental and social change activists kick butt and break through on social media.” Featuring topics from ways to “remix Facebook for social change” to a case study on the Tar Sands Blockade to “moving it offline.” The guide is authored by over 30 of the top online organizers from a spectrum of progressive movement groups: from 350.org, Freedom to Marry, New Organizing Institute, Avaaz, GetEqual, Greenpeace, Idle No More, Open Media, and many others.

From OccupyWallSt.org: Show your solidarity while supporting the #WalmartStrikers

If you want to participate in the Black Friday actions to protest working conditions at WalMart go to http://blackfridayprotest.org and see the entries below:

Friday, November 29, 10am

Occupy Black Friday free store

Walmart Centereach, 161 Centereach Mall

In the spirit of giving and mutual aid, and in solidarity with striking Walmart workers, we will be holding our second annual Black Friday Free Store event in Walmart’s parking lot, continuing the tradition we started last year with our “100% Off For The 99%!” event. We strongly encourage everyone to bring items (no matter how much,or how little) such as toys, cold weather gear,food, or anything you can think of that people may need, and that you’d like to give in our free exchange.

Friday, November 29, 12pm

Occupy Black Friday Walmart action

Walmart Secaucus, NJ

Occupy Black Friday…Support Walmart and all Workers..fighting for a LIVING wage and worker protections. Please join us for a Solidarity Action for exploited Walmart workers who average 8.81 a hour while Walmart makes a profit of nearly 2 million every hour all the while the Walton Family’s net worth is more than Bloomberg, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet combined. Find this event on NYCGA.net.

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