Jan -12-13

Chris Wahmhoff


On Jan 19th The National planning working group for 2013, in Kalamazoo will hold a Candlelight Vigil for The homeless individual who froze to death earlier this fall. Held at Bronson Park at 6pm EST. asking for solidarity abroad, to hold vigils, (or what they may feel appropriate) for those who have been lost in our continuing fight for human rights.

Undocumented and unaware, new and unknown, the man who died was unnamed and unreported. His only mention other than some questions down at the shelter was a nameless obituary. National Gathering 2013 will commemorate the passing of this member of our human family by naming the truth in our own voices, in our own way. The Occupy movement will honor the passing of all those who have not been heard, whose basic human needs have not been met, and who have not found their own voices by devoting our second National Gathering to communication–we will raise our individual, local, national and global voices.

“People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society” -Vince Lombardi. This is about moving past what political side, or belief we have. Our problems transcend our differences. This is about seeing that lives suffer in our lack of communication. restoring our community, by learning who we are again and what we all can agree on. We must all be a team, even if we play on different sides and different positions. We have to work together for a common goal.

We ask for solidarity with those who feel compelled to stand, post, call, or simply “like”, in solidarity to stand with us on the 19th in one of many ways, you can find more at our event. :

– Hold a vigil (30 seconds of silence at 6 E, 5C, 4M, 3P etc)

– Upload on your wall, or profile pic “No more Nameless”.

Planning stages, and outreach for this event are in progress. Our “comprehensive” proposal is what we hope to accomplish with this event.

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