Below are the result of several hackathons and many people’s hard work taking the NYPD’s proprietary stop and frisk databases for 2003-2011 and turning them into a single database, that now anyone can run queries on.

The data API still in beta, but check it out at here. If you want to see a quick sample response, check out this request response, which shows age, race, crime suspected, and whether the individual stopped was frisked.

The full API documentation (again, a work in progress) is available on github.

Key Benefits:

Ability to run queries on the full database of over 4 million records, which includes over 100 columns with attribute information for each record of a person stopped by the NYPD.

Geospatially enabled.

Records with geospatial information have geo coordinates in the loc column. You can pretty easily make a map pulling the data straight from the API, see an example here

HTML or JSON Responses



Append &html to your api query to see the result formatted in a nice HTML table rather than the default JSON format.


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