In solidarity with in solidarity with actions taking place during the DNC. Occupy Chicago would like to propose a uniformed action.

While Barack Obama is accepting the Democratic Party nomination for President of the United States we will be outside his national campaign headquarters in Chicago burning our voter id cards, rejecting the 2012 presidential election.

Occupy Chicago sees this action as a way of symbolizing our rejection of our representative democracy which has continually failed to represent the American people or address the crisis of global capitalism. This action will be topping off four days of action we will be taking around the DNC as part of our #OccupyObama campaign.

Occupy Chicago would like to work with occupations around the country to help get this message out.

We will be hosting an InterOccupy call on Wednesday at 8pm central time to further explain our plans and coordinate with other cities.

If you can’t attend the call but are interested in connecting please email: and we will connect you with the organizers of this action.

Submitted by: Occupy Chicago

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