O+ Festival in Kingston, NY Needs Volunteers

The O+ Festival is looking for volunteers to help in Kingston, NY, during it’s fourth annual event over the Columbus Day weekend, October 11-13, 2013.

Location: “Uptown” Kingston, NY. The event takes over multiple venues in the center of Kingston.

The O+ Festival is a grass-roots event that aims to put a band-aid on the sore that is the health industry in the United States. We can’t solve everything, but we have certainly hit a chord with localist movement in the upstate, NY Hudson Valley region by connecting artists and musicians to badly needed health services thanks to the generosity of numerous health care providers.

To do all of this, we have enjoyed the help of thousands of VOLUNTEERS who have seen us grow over the past few years.

Please join our group of artists, musicians and medical care providers in organizing the 4th annual O+ Festival in Kingston, NY this Columbus Day weekend (October 11-13).

The O+ Festival is a great energy exchange where dentists, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, optometrists, energy healers and other wellness providers donate their skills and knowledge to artists and musicians who, in exchange, contribute their creative skills to the local area with performances, exhibits, public art installations and other means.

The festival offers access to health services that are often out of reach and unaffordable. The ethic of the festival is based on barter, not a direct exchange of currency. To put things in perspective, one of our headlining musicians last year received $700.00 worth of dental care “free,” in kind, for his performance.

We are looking for volunteers of all kinds. Although submissions are now closed for artists and musicians to participate in this upcoming festival, we are still looking for volunteers and attendees to help run the event. Services we need filled range across the board: we need people to mind our info desk, help with social media, put up signs, drive people across town, help install artwork, serve food in our hospitality room, make photocopies, etc.

All volunteers will be included in the barter system. Those who work for more than four hours will get access to care from our pop-up health clinic which offers various services from massage to reiki, as well as a wrist-band which provides entry to the festival events all weekend.

To volunteer, please fill out our form on our website HERE.

To get more information about our festival, check out a video about us HERE.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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