Join us on Thursday, 8/30 @ 7pm for a 30 minute phone call to find out how you can help send aid and supplies to NOLA.


It has been communicated that local organizations in New Orleans have been ravaged by budget cuts and will not see money from the FEMA and the FEDS till Tuesday/ Wednesday. The Common Ground Clinic in particular will need ice to keep insulin/other meds cool till then, medical supplies, and potable water. This list will only increase as Isaac sits on the city with rain & wind gusts. This city was left behind after Katrina and Occupy folks as well as local groups are trying to organize a distribution network to get supplies to NOLA prior to the release of FEMA money.

THEY NEED VOLUNTEERS FROM: Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Jackson, MS, and Houston to drive.


Submitted by: Occupy New Orleans, Common Ground

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31 Responses to New Orleans Needs Volunteers to Help with Supplies Due to Hurricane Isaac

  1. Phala Nettles says:

    We will be visiting your area Sept 28th thru Oct 5. My company pays us to volunteer 10% of our annual time. Since we will be in your area nothing would be better then volunteer and help other. We will have limited transportation and we will be staying in the Garden District….Look forward to helping out for a good day while in town.

    Thanks Phala

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