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I have created a website/tool that is Occupy friendly, though also has many differences, and is even opposed to some things ‘classically’ Occupy. Basically, you can easily create a mini-marching or walking route (on sidewalks, only), classify the march event with ‘Social Capital’ criteria (such as + Structured Event or + Social Event), as well as special end points (‘Occupy’ = encampment; ‘Semi-Occupy’ = public outdoor space for gathering (Zuccotti Park minus encampment); ‘99% Club’ = 99% smallish, very local gathering, typically in private/public space such as coffee shop; see http://tinyurl.com/9ew3zoh). Searches for local marches can be filtered based on these same criteria.

Local cooperating activists can plan “mini-marches” which converge in a public space, at the same time. I’m more concerned with creating a ubiquitous, persistent public presence for democratic reformers in public spaces; but having common meeting places, at least for occasional meetings, will make the whole process more interesting, and more mutually reinforcing. There’s both a cost and a benefit to facilitating larger gatherings.

March organizers can set participant threshold criteria, by which marches auto-cancel if a quota of participant is not met by some threshold time, that is also settable.

You can also easily search of neighbors that are in the system.

I have allowed users of the system to classify themselves, if they so desire, as Housing Distressed, Job Distressed, Distress Veteran, and/or Food Distressed. A lot of Americans, in their isolation, are ignorant of the stress that their own neighbors are undergoing.

‘There’s also an “Interested in Activist Co-op’ field, which allows neighboring activists that share activist propensities, but different priorities, to nevertheless join forces, where reciprocity is assured by familiarity.

The current site is a BETA site, which you can use for real marches (probably best to just email or twitter your friends the march URL), though there’s some risk of your data getting wiped. As far as I know, there are no show-stopping bugs, but I’m afraid to release the production site, OccupyTheSidewalk.org, until somebody’s tested it, besides me.

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