EMF HOTLINE: 1-800-967-3070

We at EMF Harm, an Inter Occupy Hub, in an alliance with other Organizations throughout the US and overseas, announce a new Hotline for Electro Magnetic and Microwave frequency reactions. Whether you are having recurring symptoms, from cell phones,WiFi’s cell towers, or have unknown symptoms and need help, we have set-up a professional HOTLINE of experts in the field of Microwaves and Electro Magnetic frequencies; Scientists,  Physicians,Technicians, activists, and other specialists, will answer your questions and give you support. Also if you are being targeted with Electro- magnetic radiation devises and are currently being Organized Stalked, Call our toll free number: 1-800-967-3070 and leave a message. You will get a timely response.

Please visit our HUB at @OccupyEMFharm for more information, resources and to listen to and get educated on past teleconferences with top experts in the field. We also accept donations to continue our work, which was started in Oct. 2012.

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