I’ve got a new e-book up via Amazon, the 3rd in my “We the People: A Conservative Populism” series. Check it out (for free, via “Look Inside” after entering “Peter Bearse in the book search row). The title? —1% + 99% = 100%: How “We the People” [That’s YOU!], altogether, can occupy politics, change Congress and renew the American Dream. It’s a fully electronic book, full of hotlinks that take you to music, art and remarks by others that relate to the text.

It’s a complete “how to” help you “make a difference”, politically, revive American citizenship and elect a “Peoples Congress” that would empower you more than itself.

Any feedback would be gratefully received. It would also give me a chance to credit you in the next edition. I’d be grateful if you could forward this note to your own list of contacts.

Let’s keep faith in our republic and stay in there fighting to ?keep it,? together.

Sincerely, PETER BEARSE, Ph.D., author, International Consulting Economist and 2010 Candidate for Congress in NH CD 1.

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