Join us and be part of a global movement for the 99% that puts people before profit. Please go to for more info on this award winning new film

This award-winning film documents how private money in politics has undermined democracy and transferred income from 99% of Americans to multinational corporations and the wealthy. Through personal stories, the film highlights how the 99% sparked Occupy Wall Street into a global movement.

Narrated by Lou Reed, The 99%: Occupy Everywhere features Russell Simmons, Jeffrey Sachs and a diverse cross section of Americans to reveal how critical issues — such as vast income inequality, jobs, debt, the environment, gun safety, access to affordable health care and education — as well as a lack of accountability from banks that committed massive financial fraud can be addressed through fair taxation, prosecuting criminal bankers and reducing corporate influence over the democratic process: by removing money from politics. The film also highlights the necessity of peaceful protest, the coordinated police actions against Occupy and how the movement continues to resonate across the world.

Please go to for more information view the trailer, order a DVD or digital download.

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