Mitt Romney and Barak Obama are in town today for their big debate. Jill Stein is also running around the town making media appearances. And why? Because Denver, Colorado is the home of Shelby the Dog.

Shelby, the elected leader of Occupy Denver and presidential front-runner, will be featured today taking questions from viewers and making post-debate comments on her UStream channel: Shelby Loves America.
Shelby has several streamers on the ground recording the activities outside the fenced-off debate area. There is also the possibility of a view from within the security-protected partitions, and the sequestered “free speech zone.”

1:00-5:00pm Streaming will be an intermittent collage from the “free speech zone,” “Issues Alley” within the fenced partition, and various protests taking place near the debate.

5:00-8:00pm The UStream channel will feature multiple cameras streaming from various areas around the debate. Featured will be the Occupy Denver “Stop the Empire” march, which Jill Stein is expect to take part in, a camera from the nearest major intersection, where protest actions will be most heavy; and possibly outside the nearest police department, which will be the central hub of activity for the Denver Police Department.

At 8:00pm Shelby the Dog will give her post-debate review and answer questions from viewers.
Finally, beginning at 9:30pm, the plan is to be present at the party across town, put on by We Are Change and the Green Party, where Jill Stein will give a speech. There will be live music and (hopefully) Occupy Denver will introduce Shelby’s campaign.
View Shelby Loves America, for the People’s Presidential Debate experience.

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