Occupy Denver stands in solidarity with Idle No More and The Tar Sands Blockade in Texas, which for almost 40 days has successfully impeded the progress of the ecological nightmare known as the Keystone XL pipeline. To learn more about the blockade, and why it is so important click here.

2 of the 6 arrestees are facing $10,000 bonds. 3 arrestees are from the Occupy Denver community. Everyone has been released except for Mike & Audrey who were occupying the tree encampment. We extend the spirit of mutual aid to all the brave blockaders that have been imprisoned w/ trumped up charges for defending the people of North America from true eco-terrorists…. Transcanada.

We are holding an E-fundraiser, a “T- Shirt blockade-a-thon.” If you donate over $30 you will receive a t-shirt crafted from the banner that hung from the blockade trees bearing the phrase, “You shall not pass.” This fundraiser will end on January 18th, at which point we will tally the orders, have them manufactured and ship them out within 2 weeks from the 18th.

Go to this link to donate, free Mike and Audrey, get a tea shirt, and give a big “You shall not pass” to the Tar Sands pipeline!!


Audrey and Mike continue to be held on $10,000 bail each. Show your solidarity with a donation to ensure their speedy release, but if you can’t donate, you can at least send them a letter to let them know they are not alone. Supporting people in jail is one of the most important things we can do to keep our movement alive and thriving, and Matt, Isabel, and Glen can certainly attest to how reassuring it is to receive letters while imprisoned.



To send Audrey and Mike letters:

  • Show your name and address on the envelope (any letter without a return address that is not deliverable will be returned to the post office).
  • Show the arrestee’s full name – either Audrey Jane Campbell or Michael Joseph Stewart (you cannot send a letter to both, but you can send multiple letters)
  • Address the letter to the arrestee (only one) c/o: Angelina County Jail
    P.O. Box 114
    Lufkin, TX, 75902-0114
  • Use regular 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper and standard envelopes, and don’t include anything else (stickers, patches. etc.) – only items on paper

Solidarity keeps our movement healthy and helps make more people feel comfortable risking arrest for what they believe in because they know they will be supported. Your ongoing support is what continues to make our movement successful.

Submitted by: Occupy Denver

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