Melbourne. Australia’s ICC Action Asks for Occupy’s Endorsement & Participation in Viral Democracy Sunday 3/17/13

The ‘We Are Many’ video still gives me goose-bumps when I watch all commentators on our >2003 Great Peace March, we are taking this to the next step because the global fervour so rightly pointed to reached 30 million of our hearts. We know we can capture this again, and even more so; >Ali Abbas actually knows we all marched together to try and stop this horrific crime committed upon him and his family and all Iraqi’s. See> ‘Viral Democracy’ Sunday

Please note we are officially sponsored by and fund supported by The Medical Association for the Prevention of War! We have been encouraged to make a stand for the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war to match the biggest peace marches ever seen in human history; which all started in Australia. We want to make it happen again and on this scale globally. We have formally asked > Ali Abbas to publicly accept a heartfelt apology from all Australians in Melbourne Sunday, March 17, 2013, to start the global ‘Western Nations’ Apology’ and travel the event to each participating country on earth.

We are seeking ‘your’ and ‘all’ organisation’s ‘formal support’ of either one or both of the following steps:

1. The International ‘public apology to Ali for the John Winston Howard (and Blair/Bush) war, for Ali’s injuries and for killing (not in our name) his mother (who was pregnant) and father and brother and 13 of his family.

2. The ICC indictment of John Winston Howard for these egregious mass reckless homicidal war crimes committed; conducted ‘not in our name’. Blair/Bush cases will follow like the tumbling dominoes they are.

The first (1.) requires a ceremony of each global city/area to state publicly in their own ceremony.

The second (2.), merely requires a statement back to us that you/your group fully supports the war crimes indictment requests against John Winston Howard currently before the International Criminal Court and Attorney General Nicola Roxon. See War Crimes Indictments: ICC Indictment Case Dated >10th October 2012 and >29th October 2012, Australian Attorney General Indictment Case Dated > 9th December 2012. John Winston Howard is the most legally vulnerable, he did not get his parliamentary approval for the war. In the International criminal Court (ICC) he will fall first; then Blair then Bush (in-absentia). You may support one or both –(1.or 2. Shown above).

Please give us your support for one or both of the above?. The difference between verbiage and outrage is some say “something must be done” and some actually do something; will you take the ultimate step with us?


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