Media Reform Event in DC

Weds, Nov 13, I’m bringing Broadcast Blues to Washington DC, courtesy of the New America Foundation. The event is called “Putting the Public Back into the Public Interest,” and will include panelists from Free Press, Common Cause, and the National Hispanic Media Coalition (plus yours truly.)

MAC worked with Occupy LA to protest FOX, and with Occupy Sacramento and others nationwide to Occupy Clear Channel.

Our most recent action is a legal action to deny the broadcast license at Entercom’s KDND for sponsoring a crazy radio stunt which killed a woman. Should a radio station be able to kill someone and still retain its license to broadcast? I think not. Plus I’ll be meeting with the FCC about their ignoring our Zapple complaints in Wisconsin. There we proved two giant radio stations provided about $1 million in free time to supporters of one political party during an election campaign season, while refusing any time at all to the other political party. As it typical at the FCC, the agency has ignored us. No more.

Will you please be my guest at our event? The invitation and RSVP can be found here:

I truly hope you can attend and learn how to hold your local broadcasters accountable to the Public Interest!

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