Map of #NoWarWithSyria Protests

Read International Action Center’s excellent and concise fact sheet on Syria HERE.

Below is a map we created of all listed events on the #NoWarWithSyria FB page, ANSWER,, CODE PINK, The World Can’t Wait, and UNAC. This is being continually updated, so check back frequently!

There are 382 rallies and direct actions for peace in Syria happening from August 29th – September 21st from Hollywood, California all the way to Tokyo, Japan.

MoveOn is organizing national vigils on Monday, September 9th. We do not have access to the locations but you can search for one near you HERE.

Please keep your eye out for the green and purple pins on the map! Greens are set dates in September. Purples are rallies that will happen if/when the US strikes Syria.

Please read the descriptions carefully. In particular check out the many actions happening in D.C. over the next two weeks.

If you see other lists that are missing, or to add an event, please email International actions are welcome!!

PLEASE NOTE: Any pro-Assad demonstrations will not be posted and are not endorsed by InterOccupy.

Thank you!


Updated as of 9/8 @ 3:52pm ET

Map Key:
Small Blue = Events before 8/31
Small Red = Events on 8/31
Small Green = Events between 9/1 and 9/8
Large Green = Events after 9/8
Large Purple = Events planned for day of or after attack

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