Liberation Summer: No Surrender/Film the Police on 4/17

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Liberation Summer

No Surrender

Film the Police!


Pack the courthouse for Jazz Hayden,

Justice, and our right to live free. 

April 17th, 9am

100 Centre St.


 On December 2, 2011, Joseph “Jazz” Hayden, 

founder of

was arrested by the NYPD in retaliation 

by 2 officers he filmed earlier this summer

as they Stopped and Frisked two young black men.


On April 17, we are all Jazz Hayden. 

Pack the courthouse 

and march with Legal Observers to 1 Police Plaza.

No Surrender. Film the Police.                   @LiberateSummer    


‘Liberation Summer’ on FB     Phone #: 347-620-1534


Here is a letter from Jazz detailing the incident 

 Dear Friends,

I wanted to share this story of these NYPD officers taking revenge on me.  As you might know I make it a habit of filming the many incidents of the NYPD, Stopping and Frisking people in the Harlem community.  On December 2, 2011 when I was leaving my weekly Campaign To End The New Jim Crow working group meeting at Riverside Church, I was pulled over by 2 NYPD officers.  It turned out that it was the same 2 officers I had filmed in a Copwatch, Stop and Frisk incident this summer.  

During the video below you can hear the officers talking to me and saying that they know who I am and know my background.

At minute, 5:05 the officer can be heard saying, “You done selling drugs yet or what? I know your rap sheet.”  Then again around 5:55 the officer can be heard saying, “Go Sell some more drugs Sir.  We know your background, I know who you are.”

Flashback to a few weeks ago when I was driving through Harlem and these same officers pulled me over.  As they approached my car and recognized me they said, “hey we know you, you’re that murderer.”  I asked them why I was being stopped and they eventually said that one of my brake lights was out.  They asked me for my license and registration which I gave them and then I was asked to step out of the car.  I complied and got out of my car but told them that they had no right and no consent to search my car or myself, but that they could pat frisk me.   After I told the officers that, they asked me to go to the back of my car and stand there.  

As soon as I got to the back of my car one officer immediately ignored my statement and went right inside my car and began searching it.  After a few minutes of this illegal search the officer came out of the car and “proudly” presented a Pen Knife (a knife that can be bought at any hardware store or discount store).   I was then arrested for Felony Possession of a dangerous weapon and taken to the 32nd precinct.  Shortly after I arrived there and was being booked, they asked me if I had any medical problems and I told them about my high blood pressure.  I was then taken to Harlem hospital for a few hours where my blood pressure was measured extremely high (163 over 103).  I was kept at the hospital until it subsided and then brought back to the 32nd precinct.  This all took place on a Friday night and I ended having to stay at the 32nd precinct until late Sunday night, without food or medication, when I was finally able to see a judge downtown.  

At the court hearing the prosecution requested that I be held on a bail of 16k.  The affidavit that the NYPD filled out made no mention of my alleged brake lights being out and I wasn’t charged with any traffic violations.  The officers cited in the affidavit that they saw me moving my hand on the console in my car and that was their reason for stopping me.  After I showed my legal aide lawyer the videos and work I have been doing on my CopWatch to fight against Stop and Frisk he pointed this out to the judge.  After reviewing the evidence and my record the Judge released me on my own recognizance.  


Joseph “Jazz” Hayden


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  1. I think we live in a police state. I think there are too many cops in NYC and I think they have too much time on their hands given all the time and taxpayers money they spend looking for reasons to arrest people. I think the work you are doing, Mr. Hayden, is valuable to eventually repealing Stop & Frisk, it takes a lot of time and courage and I appreciate you for doing this. I think more people need to understand the situation we are in with mass incarceration, etc. I wish you and your fellow activists all the best.

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