#JusticeForCecily Press Update: 4/8/14

Manhattan, NY – Today was the first day of Cecily McMillan’s trial, beginning with jury selection. Given the high profile of Occupy Wall Street in New York City, it will be difficult to find jurors who are not biased one way or another. The courtroom was at capacity today with the front rows filled with potential jurors and the back rows with supporters.

Before Jury selection began, Bovell ruled on a pre-trial motion brought forth by ADA Choi, requesting that the judge preclude all testimony of Bovell’s involvement in the bodega incident, where he allegedly kicked a man in the face to the point of breaking his own ankle, and the dirt bike incident, where he was the passenger in an unmarked police car, and purposefully ran a minor off the road into a pole, then neglected him while in critical condition). Marty Stolar stated in court, “The NYPD did ‘unsubstantiate’ Bovell’s bad acts because it’s not in their best interest to substantiate it.”

The judge accepted the motion submitted by the ADA and ruled that any mention of either incident by Cecily’s lawyer would put him in contempt of court. Meanwhile Cecily’s history is still eligible for inclusion.

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