Join Occupy Network in the Fight Against an Attack on Syria

A little more than ten years ago the United States embarked on the costliest war since we defeated the Nazis.

We remember the massive demonstrations, the manipulated intelligence and the lies. Apparently, so do most Americans, which is why so few are eager to see our country deploy lethal force in Syria.

Pledge to fight back against American empire building in Syria.

Despite the will of the people, we are currently watching the US government swing into decisive, violent action on the turn of a dime.

This is quite the contrast from the complete absence of action responding to the foreclosure and eviction crisis, much less any sort of legislation or legal action to make Wall Street give back the money they stole from us.

Rather, right now foreign policy elites are duking it out in Washington DC. And in this conversation, the American public is – as usual – reduced to the role of spectators.

Join us to force our failing elites to follow our demand: #DontAttackSyria.

Calling bullshit on the politicians supporting war in Syria would be something we can do that would be especially impactful – if we can compel them to hear us.

As we look back on the last few years of popular uprisings around the globe, from Egypt to Spain to New York, one thing is clear:

The power of the people can be greater than the people in power if we are creative in amplifying our voices and back our words up with our bodies.

Pledge here to stop the gears of war and take whatever action you can.

Join us, activists who came of age through Occupy Wall Street, as we stop the next senseless war.


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