To those that still want to change the world,

We’re still here. InterOccupy has a lot of respect and admiration for the years of dedication that each of you have put into making this movement something truly unique. We want you to know we are here building and offering our services to all of you.

This weekend’s Twitter wars have been especially damaging for the reputation of the American Occupy scene and we are saddened by this. We do not have any special knowledge about the current state of or its operating procedures. We hold out hope that those collectively known as ‘Storg’ will work it out.

Like almost all Occupy related organizations, Interoccupy has operated autonomously, successfully collaborating with our network while at the same time maintaining a stubborn independence and dedication to our fundamental principles. We’re excited about continuing to extend the great work we’ve done.

At InterOccupy, we operate by consensus in a collective model. We want to hear your ideas and work with new volunteers, so please be in touch!


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