?Moving Beyond Capitalism? Conference

Center for Global Justice, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

-Where is another world happening?

-How do we bring capital under democratic control?

-What can we do now to get from here to there?

-Which changes are co-optable, which transformatory?

-How do we avoid past errors?

July 29 – August 5, 2014

Capitalism is in crisis. Yet, backed by arms, it dominates and threatens humanity and the planet.

Survival now means putting ourselves before profit. What economic and social practices go

beyond gender, race, class divisions to empower the many instead of enriching the few? To

answer, the Center for Global Justice invites thinkers and doers from the global North and global

South to bi-lingual discussions of the practical global task of ?moving beyond capitalism.?

We invite you to complement prophesy by addressing problems of transformation, commenting

on solutions or proposing new ones, and sharing organizing results. Summaries of individual or

group submissions are due by December 31, 2013; full descriptions (or papers) by April 30, 2014.

Six days of exchanges will be in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico?s central highlands. In

plenaries, round tables and workshops we?ll examine some existing options, evaluate them

in context, and end with sessions to pass on ?suggestions for further study and organizing.?

Screenings, performances, exhibits and visits to groups constructing ?another world? are planned.

Themes include: the commons, economic democracy, cooperatives, solidarity economy, public

banking and democratic finance, indigenous insurgencies, localization, participatory budgeting,

preventing ecocide, local currencies, gender equality, alternative communications & media, 21st

century socialism, steady state economies, horizontalism. Feel free to propose other themes.

Featured speakers confirmed: Gustavo Esteva (de-professionalized Mexican intellectual), Gar

Alperovitz (What Then Must We Do?), David Schweickart (economic democracy), Margaret

Flowers & Kevin Zeese (Occupy activists & members of Green Shadow Cabinet), Fernando

S?nchez Cuadros (Peruvian economist), Camila Pi?eiro Harnecker (Cuban economist &

cooperative advocate).

Center for Global Justice (, an international network of educators

and activists, is devoted to ?research and learning for a better world.? Since 2004 it offers

educational travel, lectures/film series, local solidarity economy networking & co-op workshops.

Please send descriptions and address queries to

Phone in Mexico: (52) 415 150 0025 from US 347 983 5084. Please post and forward this Call.

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