Invitation to Citywide Student / Faculty Rally This Saturday 12/8

Invitation to Citywide Student / Faculty Rally This Saturday

Free Cooper Union would like to invite you and your peers to a Citywide Student/Faculty Rally on Saturday, December 8, 2012. The rally will begin in Washington Square Park at 11 AM with speakers and speak-outs on issues such as tuition hikes, student debt and faculty issues. At 3 PM we will march together from Washington Square Park to Cooper Union in solidarity with The Students fowr a Free Cooper Union. This group has locked themselves into the Peter Cooper Suite, the top floor of their Foundation Building, for the past 5 days, in protest of the broken administrative structures and lack of transparency between the president, board of trustees, and the rest of the Cooper Union community.


We see clear connections between the struggles facing Cooper Union and those of students across New York City and students struggling everywhere. The lines between private and public education in this city have separated us for too long. We will not be divided by institutions, claims to prestige, or profit margins. Public schools are becoming clandestinely privatized, while private schools are increasingly run and financed by our collective student debt. Our grievances are connected and our struggle is necessarily collective.

We know that access to education is our path to empowerment, agency, and success.  We continue to fight for the opportunities to affect change in our communities and we believe that accessible education for all New Yorkers is an important step to achieving a more equal and just society.

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