Intimidation, Harassment in Honduras

As Honduras prepares for elections on Sunday, we have just learned from Elane Spivak-Rodriguez of the Alliance for Global Justice (AfGJ) that, ?There was big raid on a LIBRE headquarters in Tegucigalpa last night. Police came in with guns. There were international observers there….? [LIBRE is the opposition political party whose candidate, Xiomara Castro, is leading polls in the presidential race.] Fortunately, Elane reports that no one was hurt or arrested.

Earlier that day, on two separate occasions, agents of the Honduran immigration agency demanded to see election monitoring credentials of members of the Honduras Solidarity Network / AfGJ delegation. Retired Colonel Venancia Cervantes, director of the Honduran immigration agency called international election observers ?hotheads? and ?agitators? and warned that ?…they will be neutralized….? Honduras also refused entry into the country of Nobel Peace Prize winner and election monitor Rigoberta Menchu.

Xiomara Castro, LIBRE’s presidential candidate, is the wife of former President Manuel Zelaya who was removed from office by a right wing coup in 2009. Ahead in voter polls, Castro will likely be the next President of Honduras if fair and open elections are allowed to take place. But if the current campaign of intimidation is any indication, efforts may already be underway to compromise Sunday’s contest.

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