Trimiteti si voi in retelele voastre internationale!

INTERNATIONAL SOLIDARITY APPEAL: COME TO PUNGESTI, Romania. All reports indicate an occupation situation there!

The case of Pungesti, Vaslui county, where, in the middle of October, the local community resisted the installment of an exploration well by Chevron, is notorious. While the company got all its permits from the national authorities, this didn?t convince the almost 3500 peasants of the eight-village commune. With Chevron, on its way to start the drilling, the peasants of Pungesti occupied the exploration perimeter, where they created a human chain and refused to leave. On Dec.1 more than 40 people were arrested violently by hundreds of riot cops.

Trimiteti si voi in retelele voastre internationale!
Dear all,

I am appealing to you in the name of all the Romanian activists and simple citizens to come to Romania asap!
On Saturday, people from all over Romania will be driving to Pungesti to gather there for a protest. Huge riot police deployment and escalations are expected. Huge abuses along the road are expected (from sources), with roadblocks, absurd checks (car checks for illegal transport of persons). It will turn ugly for sure, not due to the activists, who have stayed peaceful despite the riot police provocations during the last months, but to the riot police, acting like occupation troops and blatantly defying everyone! We hope to prevent this by means of international presence in the area!

There are people who are asking for OSCE presence in Romania right now, that’s how bad the situation turned out. The area is declared “area of special interest” and it stays like this. This is another way to call “martial law”.

Furthermore, the brigade general of the riot police troops was commander of the Romanian NATO troops in Kosovo, and according to all the reports, they are behaving like an occupation army. Furthermore, the activists from the camp, who were evicted from the camp for 2 nights, found out that the riot police ravaged the camp while they were out, have stolen things from the camp and left messages on the walls of the tents (I repeat, the camp is set on private land, not on Chevron’s leased land, so they had no legal basis to evict the people from there).

I am attaching here an article about the situation yesterday and also a very short excerpt of the TV debate on the public television (strongly biased, of course) about fracking where Chevron Romania CEO, Tom Holst (who was so obviously defeated by the arguments put forth by Mrs. Georgeta Ionescu), just to point out the war declaration to be read through the lines:

This may be streamed here:? All signals were cut last Sunday.

Further movies will be translated during the day, to illustrate the incredible situation there.
I am appealing to you to send this out to all the possible outlets, the people in Pungesti are feeling like hostages in their village and the Romanian citizens (those informed by means of Fb, as media is constantly keeping silent about the situation there) are feeling left alone, abandoned to an occupation army defending an international corporation, Chevron, in what’s called “cradle of the Democracy and Human Rights” – the European Union.

Meanwhile, our avaaz petition has reached over 27.000 signatures, help us to increase its numbers by promoting it all over your networks!

Thank FoE Europe for coming here this week-end!

Thank you in advance for your solidarity!

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