If Your Neighbor Had Ebola

….you would beg the US government to nationalize the healthcare system. Why wait until it’s too late?

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Care.

Why wait till the captains of industry make the same kind of obscene profits from Ebola that they made from the AIDS epidemic? Greed is a disease that can be stopped. Let’s make Ebola the cure.

Nationalize the US Healthcare Industry, now.

Prevention is the best medicine, but there’s no profit in it. No one can quantify how many fewer people got sick because they were taught the basics of disease transmission or went to a stress reduction class or didn’t get pregnant. And it wouldn’t matter anyway. In America, the cash register doesn’t ring unless someone is sick or afraid of getting sick.

The best healthcare systems in the world are socialist systems. Our capitalist healthcare system is barely able to distribute flu vaccines—what would happen if we were to be hit by a major epidemic? More forms, more lines, more rationing, even less compassion?

Now, when a truly excellent healthcare system would be gearing up to prevent the spread of an awful disease, the true leaders of our healthcare system are estimating how much they are going to make off of this little problem and trying to take our mind off the problem. My money says the media’s preoccupation with sexual violence is a diversion tactic meant to take our attention off of how very unready we are for an epidemic.

Even those already isolated in their shiny towers and gated communities must breathe air and drink water. In the global age, we all truly belong to the same tribe. Today’s epidemic is not transmitted by insects, but what about tomorrows? What guard or fence can stop a mosquito and what horror will the 1% unleash trying to stop it?

If Your Neighbor Had Ebola

“Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment than these” Mark 12:32

Would you want a doctor in a hazmat suit to verify coverage before taking your sick brethren to the hospital, clinic, homeless shelter…or nowhere at all?

Nationalize the healthcare, now, before it’s too late.

Submitted by Aria Littlhous, Occupy Boston

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