Help us block the permits needed for the WaterFix Tunnels!

In 2016, the California Water Resources Control Board will hold hearings regarding the permits needed to change the point of diversion for the Tunnels. This means the Tunnels proponents must get a legal permit to take water from the north end of the Delta. To get the permit, they must prove no harm to water users in the Delta. URGENT, TIMELY ACTION NEEDED!

Deadline: Monday, January 4, 5:00 PM
Join our list of citizens intending to submit Statements to the Water Board
Just your “intent to submit,” required – Statements not due until March
Submit your name, phone number, and e-mail address to North Delta CARES

To block the permits, we need community members to sign up to submit a Policy Statement to the Water Board. All we need from you is

Your name, Your phone number, Your e-mail address

Send to Anna Swenson at, (530) 570-9641

North Delta CARES will do the rest. We must submit the information by hand on Tuesday January 5 to the Water Board. We will help you draft your Policy Statement and keep you informed about the proceedings.

If we do not submit your names by January 5, we are shut out of the process. It is unfortunate that the Board requested sign-ups during the holidays, thereby discouraging participation. However, they underestimate the commitment of our citizens! Please note that submitting your name now does NOT require you to submit a statement.


Saturday, January 2, 10:30 am (yes, tomorrow!)
Clarksburg Library Community Room

Join us to find out more about the process, and/or to sign up for a Policy Statement.
Important Dates:

Jan 4, 5:00 PM: Your name, phone and email due to North Delta CARES for submission to Water Board on Jan 5

Jan 28: Water Board procedural meeting for hearings

Mar 5: Policy statements due to the Water Board

Hearings will begin in April. The schedule for making the policy statements will be released before then.
You can view the California WaterFix Change in Point of Diversion/Rediversion Petition submitted to the Board by DWR last August here:

State Water Board’s Notice of Petition and Public Hearings here:

Additional information (including the 401 Certification process) about the California WaterFix making its way throught he SWRCB here:

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