Activists in Ferguson are calling for a student walk out on Monday – the day Mike Brown SHOULD have been starting college. Tuesday, we’ll pile on with an international day of action at DOJ offices and embassies. These events are listed (and more are being created) at

We need you to get this link out so people can participate. And where appropriate we need you to organize actions in your respective cities. Let me know if you can commit to tweeting, posting on facebook, and emailing your member lists

Read below for more details:

Since Last Tuesday’s Call
Directly after our Tuesday conference call so many of you moved to action. The people on the ground appreciate it.

Thursday’s DOJ call was a success. Thank you!

The social media action #HandsUpFriday went viral yesterday and was trending on twitter. Thank you!

Yesterday we launched as a online base for our campaign.

On Monday, students around the country will be participating in walk outs. Monday is also the sad day of Mike’s funeral. We will juxtapose the image of students in vigil with the the loss of a young man that would have been joining them as a Freshman that day.

Tuesday is our distributive action at federal buildings across the country and US embassies around the world.

Thursday a coalition of organizations led by Color of Change will be delivering more than 500,000 petitions to the white house.

Roles you can play
In order to make this narrative of escalating action a success we need all hands on deck to organize, and promote the Tuesday action.

Ways your organization can help.
On Monday send an email message promoting the Tuesday Day of Action to your email member list. Promote the action and encourage your activists to visit to RSVP to an event close to them.

If you are an organization with on-the-ground capacity, bottom line one of these actions, especially in major cities and state capitals.

Send a round of tweets and Facebook messages Monday and Tuesday pushing your followers to the site to register.

Reach out to all your organizational partners and allies in the various tables and coalitions that you sit on and encourage them to do the same. You may share this email if that would be helpful.

Sample Tweets
Keep your #handsup for #ferguson. Join a rally on Tuesday

Join us on the streets Tuesday to call for Justice for #mikebrown #handsup
Tuesday International day of action for Justice in #ferguson #handsup

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or feedback. Or you can visit

Thanks so much for your activism and generosity. As I said on the call, I encourage you to lean in during this singular moment on our journey for civil rights and human dignity in this country.


Maurice Mitchell

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