Global Sign Campaign to Demand Justice for Jailed Palestinian Human Rights Lawyer Shireen Issawi.



Our tiny Organization Roots To Resistance is currently engaged in a small Grassroots Global Sign Campaign to p-Shireen-IssawiDemand Justice for jailed Palestinian Human Rights Lawyer Shireen Issawi. We are working with the Issawi Family and are partnering with Truthout to bring this Photo montage of signs and voices to the Social media airwaves and the powers that be here in the United States. Professor Noam Chomsky will be writing a support letter for our page this week!

We are trying to reach a goal of 200+ pictures from every corner of the Planet demanding Justice For Shireen. The signs can be profoundly simple, some version of “Freedom For Shireen Issawi” along with the lovely person or people holding the sign to propel it’s message.

Our Organization Roots To Resistance, paints large 8 foot high Portraits of Women Activists and creates Global Postcard Campaigns to support their work. We are portraying Shireen to support her Human Rights work advocating for Palestinian Prisoners and to Demand Freedom for Shireen herself.

Our goal with this project is to link our voices to each other and to the voices of Shireen and her Family creating one big voice with impact. The pictures can be sent back to this email and if you cannot send a picture but want to join in support on the page Click here and join the virtual event and see all of our signs and pictures so far.

Please help in sharing the Global Sign Campaign link with others!

Learn more about Shireen here:

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