“Fight Racism Now: Action Speaks Louder than Words” is a global call to put anti-racism on the political agenda. 14 countries have joined the campaign and four more are expected to join in the days to come. At www.fightracismnow.org the public can click on a participating country, sign a anti-racist declaration and a list of political demands to combat racism and stand up for the petitions on the UN International Day for the Elimination of all forms of discrimination 21 March 2014.

For an illustration please visit the website for the US at www.fightracismnow.org. In each country the campaign is led by an organisation or a coalition of organisations. In the US several groups of the Occupy Movement are involved and public manifestations are already planned for New York, Detroit and Los Angeles.

For more information please contact the project manager of the campaign Michael McEachrane.

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