Come Support Bradley Manning in NYC, as part of an international day of action in Strawberry Fields, Central Park July 27th 1-6PM!

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After three years of confinement, Army whistleblower and nobel peace prize nominee Bradley Manning’s trial is drawing to a close. Please join us in what will likely be the last internationally coordinated show of support for Bradley before military judge Col. Denise Lind reads her final verdict–which we expect some time in August

On July 26 there will be a rally for Bradley Manning in Washington, DC in front of Maj. General Buchanan’s office. Buchanan is the new convening authority in the trial and he has the power to reduce any possible sentence given to Bradley should he be found guilty.

The July 27 ”International Day of Action” coincides with the anticipated sentencing phase of Bradley’s trial. The outcome of that phase of the trial will result in Bradley receiving any outcome from time served to life in prison.

The end of July also marks the third anniversary of the release of the Afghan War Diary which revealed the realities of pain and abuse suffered by many thousands in Afghanistan.

General Buchanan can reduce any sentence resulting from a conviction. While he reigns over Bradley’s destiny, we’re calling upon him to do the right thing!

The information that Bradley gave the public exposed the unjust detainment of innocent people at Guantanamo Bay, showed us the true human cost of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, helped fuel pro-democratic movements in the Arab world, and changed journalism forever. There is no evidence that anyone was harmed as a result of the leaked information, yet Bradley faces life in prison.

This is our opportunity to bring home to Gen. Buchanan the importance of his sentencing decision, not only for fair American justice, but for government accountability, international human rights, and the protection of other whistleblowers, including NSA Edward Snowden.

Enough is enough. The public has a right to know. So join us on Friday, July 26th and let the military feel the heat!

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