Free, open source Democracy tool Loomio crowd-sourcing upgrade

UPDATE: From CNN Money

A group of New Zealanders, including members of Occupy New Zealand, are working on a tool to help groups arrive at more democratic decisions.

Loomio is a free and open-source application that is being used by groups around the world to start discussions, share ideas, and come to action through a collective process.

They’re currently crowd-sourcing the translation of their application into almost 30 languages, and have been contacted by activists in Ukraine with a request for Loomio to be translated for them to use.

Loomio also has a kickstarter type fundraising campaign they’ve just launched to support the upgrading of their application prototype.

One thing the popular uprisings around the world have shown us is that it isn’t enough to get out into the street with a raised fist. We need to be able to build a new more equitable world to take a place of the broken one we are leaving behind. New tools which facilitate more inclusive decisions are part of that better world.

Learn more about Loomio here and like their FB page.

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