Foreclosure Resistance in Colorado

Occupy Denver members are staging an immediate action at the home of long time Idaho Springs resident Sahara Donahue. Sahara, who has volunteered with the Clear Creek County Open Space Commission for 12 years, is facing eviction by U.S. Bank after a long legal battle that, like so many cases of foreclosure in Colorado, involve fraudulent actions on the part of the bank.

Since 2006, the laws have been such that banks do not have to prove they own the home of persons they foreclose on, and this change is responsible for Sahara’s having the law work against her as it has for so many others in our state. She has fought them in court, but is now facing eviction and has requested that Occupy Denver stand with her at her home in hope of persuading the police to do the right thing and allow her some more time to continue her legal efforts. She has asked the bank for 30 days during which time she can find another living situation, but the bank has denied her requests. Members of Occupy Denver are answering her call for help and are occupying her home with her as of Wednesday night.

To help us succeed in keeping Sahara in her home of 24 years, we ask that you get involved in this home occupation taking place at

170 Peaceful Valley Lane,
Idaho Springs, CO, 80452.

To get there, drive west on I70 and take exit 240. Go left at the stop sign on highway 103. After 9.5 miles, there will be two mailboxes on the right marking Peaceful Valley Lane, marked also by a green sign with this street name. Drive 300 yards up this dirt road, then take the right hand turn at the fork in the road, and her house is on the right side of a circular driveway.

For more information please call Occupy Denver’s Legal Line 720-569-4355


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