On Monday, September 22nd at 9:00 am, thousands of people will gather at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan to confront the root cause of the climate crisis – an economic system based on exploiting frontline communities, workers and natural resources. On the heels of the largest-ever march on climate change, we have an opportunity to transform the economic system driving this crisis.

Wearing blue to represent the sea that surrounds us, we rise to the steps of the NY Stock Exchange at 12:00 pm, flooding the area with our bodies in a massive sit-in – a collective act of nonviolent civil disobedience – to confront the system that both causes and profits from the crisis that is threatening humanity.

In the meantime, #Floodwallstreet Needs Your Help!

On Monday, Sept. 15, help us flood the net!! Details below

If you’re on facebook or twitter join the THUNDERCLAP. It’s a service that sends out a simultaneous tweet/message at a coordinated time, amplifying the message. There are a couple coordinated PCM thunderclaps happening on Monday, and we want to add our critique of capital to that conversation.

Flood the Net to #FloodWallStreet!

Thanks for helping with this. By all posting at a coordinated time, we can take over the Facebook newsfeeds and Twitter streams of almost everyone in the climate movement. This could help ensure mass turn out for #FloodWallStreet and shift the People’s Climate narrative towards confronting Wall Street profiteers.

What is #FloodWallStreet?

#FloodWallStreet is a call for massive coordinated direct actions against Climate Profiteers. In New York City, thousands will gather the morning of September 22 and proceed to the New York Stock exchange for a mass sit in. Everywhere, people will WEAR BLUE.

Flooding Facebook – The Basics:

Starting on 9/15, just 7 days ahead of #FloodWallStreet, we want to flood Facebook to invite a total 20,000 people — about double those who have been currently invited — to a Facebook event promoting the mass direct action on Wall Street on Monday September 22nd.. This has some advantages over traditional social media blitzes because event invites:

– Are more visible in the Facebook stream
– Are immediately quantifiable — it’s like a game!
– Allow us more ways to follow up with people who express interest

Here is the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/832215646797522/
Short link: http://bit.ly/floodwallstreet

Sharing the Event:

There are a few options for sharing the event. One is to go to the Event, click RSVP and then “Invite Your Friends,” then and share from there.

You can also drop the link in the normal Share box as you would any other link.


You can use the graphics at the bottom of this document to help invite people. If you do both, we’ll be sure to have a real social media flood that day!

Here is some sample text:

Next week we #FloodWallStreet. Today we flood the net! http://bit.ly/floodwallstreet

Today, let’s flood the net in preparation to #FloodWallStreet and confront climate profiteers. Help us invite 20,000 people to the Facebook event: http://bit.ly/floodwallstreet

In one week, on Monday September 22, we will #FloodWallStreet in a mass coordinated direct action confronting climate profiteers!

Today, let’s flood the net to make this huge! Join a coordinated push with the goal of inviting 20,000 people to the #FloodWallStreet Facebook event!

Wall Street. It is these corporate profiteers that are financing the tar sands, fracking, coal, and other projects that cause climate change. As people come to New York to take action on climate change, we won’t let these corporate institutions get off easy.

On Monday September 22, thousands will #FloodWallStreet to challenge climate profiteers with mass civil disobedience at the New York Stock Exchange and beyond. Today, thousands are coordinating online to flood the and reach our goal of inviting 20,000 people to the #FloodWallStreet. Join Us!


On Monday, September 22, we #FloodWallStreet – http://bit.ly/floodwallstreet – WEAR BLUE – #PeoplesClimate #Climate2014

Next week we #FloodWallStreet. Today we flood the net! http://bit.ly/floodwallstreet #PeoplesClimate #Climate2014

Help us invite 20,000 people to #FloodWallStreet and confront climate profiteers! http://bit.ly/floodwallstreet #PeoplesClimate #Climate2014

Today we’re flooding the net to invite 20k people to #FloodWallStreet. Join us! http://bit.ly/floodwallstreet #PeoplesClimate #Climate2014

Have you RSVP’d To #FloodWallStreet Yet? Sept. 22 at 9am, Battery Park, NYC http://ow.ly/BloIR #peoplesclimate #Climate2014

Stop Capitalism. End the Climate Crisis. Sept. 22 at 9am, Battery Park, NYC http://ow.ly/BlMqi #FloodWallStreet #Climate2014



Also, new images are popping up on the web daily: https://www.google.com/search?q=floodwallstreet&es_sm=91&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=vWkUVLnTEbHksATA-IDwDg&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAw

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